Welcome to The Recovery Book

We have started work on the second edition of The Recovery Book! First published in 1992, The Recovery Book has become a standard in the world of addiction and recovery, providing no-nonsense answers to all of your questions about recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. From Workman Publishing's page on the first edition:

A unique collaboration between Dr. Al Mooney, head of the Willingway Hospital, Arlene Eisenberg, coauthor of the What to Expect books, and medical journalist Howard Eisenberg, The Recovery Book is the first book to explain exactly what a recovering addict and his or her family will face during every stage of living clean and sober. 

The authors provide a wealth of information on in- and out-patient services, support groups, family relationships, temptations, and worries. Hundreds of questions and answers address every particular of what a person in recovery can expect, from mental and physical health concerns to why a former cocaine addict should not use Windex. 

Dr. Mooney and Howard Eisenberg will be joined by science writer Catherine Dold on the new edition. For updates, please check back here regularly and join our mailing list.
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