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Is a Personal Inventory Part of Your Recovery Program?

Doing a personal inventory is an important part of maintaining your sobriety and recovery. In fact, Step 10 suggests you do it regularly. But just how do you do it?

In The Recovery Book (page 362),  Dr. Al suggests asking yourself a number of specific questions, all sorted into our familiar Recovery Zone System categories. 

Read through the questions below, or download a printer-friendly version with space for writing. 

Recovery Activities

  • Did I have a plan for the day, and did I follow it?
  • With whom did I spend most of my time?
  • Where did I spend my time?
  • Did anything threaten my sobriety recently? What?
  • What specific work did I do on my recovery program (attending meetings, doing meditations, reading fellowship materials, or listening to recordings, etc.)?

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Sober for the Holidays (and beyond) ~ Part 2

(See Part 1 of our sober holidays tips.)  For people in recovery, the holidays can be tough. Seeing family, visiting old friends, having unfulfilled expectations, maybe missing a loved one you lost this year -- it can all lead to tension and sadness, as well as thoughts of using. Continue Reading →

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The Recovery Zone System (TM)

An integral part of the second edition of The Recovery Book is the Recovery Zone System(TM). We are now putting the finishing touches on it, and want to share it. A brief explanation is below. 

(UPDATE February 2015: Here is a pdf copy of the The-Recovery-Zone-System chart, including references to the relevant book chapters.)

~ ~ ~

The Recovery Zone System (TM)

Over many years of treating alcoholics and addicts, Dr. Al saw that two issues were messing up recovery for many people:

  • One, people in early recovery often had no idea how much time and energy they would have to focus on recovery activities.
  • Two, people with many years of recovery sometimes lost their focus on these activities as the years passed.

Both of these situations, he saw, all too often led to a downward spiral that put people at high risk of relapse. So he developed the Recovery Zone System. The Recovery Zone System(TM) is a simple structural framework, a road map for the rest of your life in recovery. It gives you clear guidelines on when and how you should address the various areas of your life -- treatment, support fellowship activities, relationships, education, career, finances, travel, hobbies, recreation, and health -- now that you are in recovery and looking to put your life back on track. It helps you to know when you are ready to move forward in each of those areas. And it helps you to see when you might need to move backward for a bit, in order to avoid a relapse. The Recovery Zone System(TM) greatly strengthens the concept of “living in recovery.”  Continue Reading →

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Resources for Quitting Smoking

Today is World No Tobacco Day, an initiative sponsored by the World Health Organization.  

How to quit smoking Coincidentally, this week we were updating our chapter on how to quit smoking, so we're posting some of the resources we've found. Most are free. Continue Reading →

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