I’m sober. Now what?

New to sobriety and recovery, and not sure what to do, where to go? Wondering how to stay sober? Wondering what you can do to avoid a relapse?

The Recovery Book covers just about everything you need to know about treatment options, 12-step meetings, sponsors, rebuilding relationships, restoring health, going back to work, and much more. Some call it "the Bible of recovery."The Recovery Book (2nd ed)

With all that information packed into it, The Recovery Book is a large book. So to make things as easy as possible, we put together a Quick Start Guide and some handouts. They're all below, free to download right now.  

Check them out, and see if The Recovery Book is right for you. 

And if you need to find a 12-step meeting, we've got that info right here: Find a Meeting.

The Recovery Book – Quick Start Guide (pdf)

The Recovery Book – The Recovery Zone System  (pdf)

The Recovery Book – The Recovery Zone System chart  (pdf)

The Recovery Book – Chapter Highlights  (pdf)

The Recovery Book – All Guides  (pdf)  

The Recovery Book

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On the Radio! Dr. Mooney and Catherine Dold on WGN Radio in Chicago

Dr. Mooney and Catherine Dold recently had a great talk with Rick Kogan on his WGN Radio (Chicago) show, After Hours With Rick Kogan.

Rick chatted with us for 45 minutes about the face of addiction today, the gift of recovery, and what's in The Recovery Book. He called it a "remarkable book that could probably save your life."

Give a listen over at WGN Radio - After Hours with Rick Kogan.




The Recovery Book

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Back to School & Sober: 12 Tips for Success

The University of Colorado at Boulder

The University of Colorado at Boulder, home to the CU Collegiate Recovery Center

Heading back to school this fall as a newly sober person? Maybe you just finished treatment, or maybe you took a year off to build a really strong foundation for your recovery.

Wherever you are in your recovery, you might be nervous about heading back to school. Totally understandable. Maybe you’re worried you’ll be the only person not partying. You might fear you won’t have any fun. You might be afraid you’ll be tempted to use again, being surrounded by lots of partying students.

The good news is, these days there are many high school and college students in recovery. You are not the only one. Far from it.

With some preparation you can have a school year filled with academic achievements, a great social life, and no relapse. Below, a dozen ideas to help you succeed:

1.  Get involved in a recovery program. Recovery programs help build self-esteem, self-respect, and empowerment. Find the local AA or NA meetings (see Find a Meeting) before you get to campus. Once you arrive at school, head straight for the student health center to ask about local recovery programs. If you can’t find any local meetings, check out InTheRooms.com.

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Back to School & Sober: How to Resist Peer Pressure

“I just went back to school after six weeks of addiction treatment and summer vacation. What do I do when my friends ask if I want to get high?”

When you go back to school you will likely run into temptations to drink to use drugs. You need to make a plan to deal with this kind of situation long before it comes up, or you might have trouble refusing these offers.

Peer pressure can be tough to fight, but you can resist. All you need are the right tools. You probably got some of them in treatment, and you’ll pick up others as you go to more AA or NA meetings.

Talk about this issue with your counselor, your sponsor, and other students at your school who are in a recovery fellowship. Ask them exactly what they do to avoid problems. The following tips may also help:

  • Think ahead to situations you may come up against and plan exactly what you’ll do in each one. Act some out with your sponsor or counselor; that will make it easier to handle them when they occur in real life. If someone approaches you, try not to look scared or nervous. Stand tall, look directly at them, and speak firmly, confidently, leaving no doubt that you mean what you say.

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How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation

If you’re like many people, you live a good portion of your life online. You’ve been sharing bits of yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Flickr and other online venues for years. If you’ve been drinking and doing drugs, some of what you and others have shared about you may be less than flattering.

Now that you are getting into recovery and a life of sobriety, you might want to get rid of some of that evidence of your past life. You also need to get rid of any photos or comments (or online friends) that could act as a trigger and potentially lead you to a relapse.Twitter_logo_blue

Do this cleanup for yourself, so you can avoid running into reminders of your past and can concentrate on where you are now. Do it also so you can project a better image for future employers and others. (You might want to do some of this mop-up with your sponsor nearby; it could trigger cravings or strong emotions.)

Here's our 4-step cleanup plan. 

1.  See what’s out there. Do a search on your name in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Put your name in quotation marks to limit results to exact matches, and try a few variations of your name. Also do a Google Images search on your name. Check all the sites where you have a profile, and where others might have posted about you, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, myspace, YouTube, Google Plus, Yahoo and others. Try a search within those sites, and also do a Google search of them. To do a Google search of Facebook posts, for example, type “‘your name’ site:Facebook.com” in the Google search box. Continue Reading →

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Going to the AA International Convention? Come meet Dr. Al Mooney (and get a free book!)

Al J. Mooney, MD, will be speaking and signing copies of The Recovery Book at Sobriety Celebrations and TravelSober.com events and other locations at the 2015 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous in Atlanta, July 2-5. Come say hello and get your book signed! We'll be giving away a limited number of books and recovery bands as well. (Giving away, as in FREE!)

Thursday, July 2:

-- 9-10:30 am: Dr. Al will be talking about the Recovery Zone System. Balzer Theater. 84 Luckie Street Northwest, Atlanta. 

-- 10:30 am: Book giveaway and signing in the lobby of the Balzer Theater, 84 Luckie Street Northwest, Atlanta

-- 11 am: Dr. Al will be participating in the Doctors Forum. Balzer Theater. 84 Luckie Street Northwest, Atlanta

-- 2-3 pm: Book giveaway and signing at the Hampton Inn, 161 Spring St. NW., at the TravelSober.com hospitality rooms. Look for signs in the lobby. Come get a book and learn all about traveling with sober friends! (The TravelSober.com hospitality room is open from 11 am - 5:30 pm.)  

Friday, July 3:

-- 1-2 pm: Book giveaway and signing at the Hampton Inn, 161 Spring St. NW., at the TravelSober.com hospitality rooms. Look for signs in the lobby. Come get a book and learn all about traveling with sober friends! (The TravelSober.com hospitality room is open from 1 pm - 5:30 pm.)  

Sunday, July 5:

-- 9 am: Global Forum: Dr. Mooney and Friends. Rialto Center for the Arts. 80 Forsythe St. Northwest, Atlanta.  

More information on Dr. Al's Sobriety Celebrations events.

More events posted asap! Please also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to hear about last minute events! We are hoping to have some informal "Ask Dr. Al tweetups"  as well as more book giveaways and signings. We're tweeting using the event hashtag #AA80. We're also compiling a list of Tweeting attendees, at twitter.com/TheRecoveryBook/lists/aa80-attendees-friends.  We'd love to add you to the list, so message us on Twitter, leave a comment on Facebook, or email us at TheRecoveryBook@gmail.com. Then follow the list for updates!   The Recovery Book

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