I’m sober. Now what?

New to sobriety and recovery, and not sure what to do, where to go? Wondering how to stay sober? Wondering what you can do to avoid a relapse?

The Recovery Book covers just about everything you need to know about treatment options, 12-step meetings, sponsors, rebuilding relationships, restoring health, going back to work, and much more. Some call it "the Bible of recovery."The Recovery Book (2nd ed)

With all that information packed into it, The Recovery Book is a large book. So to make things as easy as possible, we put together a Quick Start Guide and some handouts. They're all below, free to download right now.  

Check them out, and see if The Recovery Book is right for you. 

And if you need to find a 12-step meeting, we've got that info right here: Find a Meeting.

The Recovery Book – Quick Start Guide (pdf)

The Recovery Book – The Recovery Zone System  (pdf)

The Recovery Book – The Recovery Zone System chart  (pdf)

The Recovery Book – Chapter Highlights  (pdf)

The Recovery Book – All Guides  (pdf)  

The Recovery Book

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